How do I donate food?

Please fill out this form online


Leave a voicemail  message to Inland Harvest at (909) 353-7890 stating:

  • Your business or your name and address
  • Your telephone number
  • A brief description of the type and total weight of the food
  • Best time for pick up

Inland Harvest will contact you to arrange a pickup day and time to be picked up by one of our Volunteers.  We can pick up your donation between the hours of 10:AM and 3:PM Monday through Friday.  Even better, let us assign a route to pick up food from your business on a regular schedule.

What kind of food can be donated?

Inland Harvest volunteers will pick up from businesses and individual homes any foods that is safe for consumption, which means any food that is not spoiled or rotten. Cans that are past the dated “Best Buy or “Sell By” are also accepted, as noted by the guidelines of the State of Calif., let us know the dates and we can tell you if its safe, as long as the cans are not seriously damaged. We also accept fresh fruits and vegetables, Cooked foods within a few days after it is cooked and properly refrigerated or frozen. Packaged Frozen foods, all types packaged foods like rice, beans, pasta, cereals, cookies and crackers.  We often transport items such as dated dairy products, breads, pastries, and leftover foods from catering venues.  All foods that are picked up are immediately delivered to one of our recipients, like Shelters,  church pantries and various types of soup kitchens throughout the Inland Empire.

Does it cost anything to donate food?

No! Inland Harvest does not charge to pick up donated foods. If needed some businesses will pack food in plastic or aluminum containers or cardboard boxes for easier storage and picking up.

What is my liability?

A 1989 California law (in the Health and Safety Code) protects donors from liability resulting from the use of donated food, and in 1996 The United States Federal Government passed a Law called the “Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Law” and also in 2008 the ‘‘Federal Food Donation Act of 2008’’  Inland Harvest would be happy to provide a copy upon request. Donations may be tax-deductible. Inland Harvest keeps records of all donations and issues periodic reports to donors upon request.

Who are our donors?

Numerous local businesses and institutions donate food to Inland Harvest. Among them are the University of Redlands, University of Riverside, Shakey’s Pizza, California School for the Deaf, Riverside Trader Joe’s, Redlands and San Bernardino Unified Schools, Loma Linda Student Cafeteria, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Gourmet Pizza, Michelle’s Bakery, Olive Garden Restaurant, Vons, Yucaipa Unified Schools, KFC, Pizza Hut and many more independently owned restaurants.

Who are our recipients?

Local non-profit agencies from Yucaipa, Redlands, San Bernardino and Riverside areas, that feed needy men, women, and children. Among the 50 agencies currently receiving food are the Salvation Army Shelter of San Bernardino and the Redlands Salvation Army, Family Service of Redlands, Central City Lutheran Mission, Riverside Settlement Association, and Option House and Hope Room and Board of San Bernardino.