Where does my Donation Go?

Community and Church Pantries, Soup kitchens, Shelters for the Homeless and for abused Women and Children, Room and Board Homes for recovering drug and alcohol addicts are just a few who benefit from the donations that Inland Harvest, a non-profit organization serving the Inland Empire since 1990, helps to deliver food on a weekly basis. We are “Food Rescuers” everyday an average of over 3,500 lbs. of food are rescued from donors like Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Hospitals, School Kitchens, various local organizations and excess food from home pantries and privately owned fruit groves. They all help feed the less fortunate at shelters and community food programs that feed the needy.  For over 30 years Inland Harvest has transported over million pounds of donated food, thanks to the generosity of our many Donors and kind individuals that are helping those in need. With your partnership we can help transport more food and change lives!

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