About Inland Harvest


Volunteer Allan Greisemer picking up canned food items at Valley Prep School Food Drive.

Every day restaurants, caterers, markets, bakeries, schools, hospitals, cafeterias, wholesalers and retailers discard millions of pounds of good food, its estimated that in the United States 30 to 40 percent [1] of the food supply is wasted, and some of that could feed the needy in our communities.

Inland Harvest was established in 1990 to help feed hungry people by transporting surplus safe edible food donated by those mentioned above as well as private individuals to already established feeding programs in the Inland Empire. It is a unique organization without a physical site. Volunteers are trained for a specific route and use their own vehicle to transport the food to feeding agencies throughout the Inland Empire.

Inland Harvest volunteers will pick up any amount of good, nutritious food from businesses and or institutions in the Inland Empire and take it directly to shelters and community food programs. Since 1990 our volunteers have transported more than 40 million pounds of good food to locations that feed the hungry in the Inland Empire.


Produce is delivered to The Blessing Center at Joseph’s Storehouse’s Phil Saldana by long time volunteer, Volunteer Coordinator and Inland Harvest Board Member Lucretia Irving

We so appreciate the gracious donations from these following Donors:

UC Riverside, Yucaipa Schools, 15 local Kentucky Fried Chicken Stores and 15 Pizza Hut Stores, Donut House (Grand Terrace), Chipotles, Clark’s Nutrition Loma Linda, LL East Hospital, LLUMC Hospital, Shakey’s Pizza, LL Catering, LLU Cafeteria, Redlands Unified Schools, Ranch Market, Von’s Redlands, Von’s Yucaipa, Red Lobster SBD, California School for the Deaf, Trader Joe’s Riverside, Stell’s, Arrowhead Regional Hospital, University of Redlands, Olive Garden San Bernardino, Michelle’s Bakery, Gourmet Pizza, Jacinto Farms, Elks Lodge, 2 Starbucks, 5 El Super Markets. And they many Individuals who own Citrus Orchards throughout the Inland Empire.

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